Web Magnet

Web Magnet and Your Business

As search engines are the primary method used to locate information, products and services, it is essential businesses implement a search engine marketing (SEM) strategy that provides instant results. Search engine marketing has become the most popular method of online promotion; online marketing now ahead of radio, television and print.

Web Magnet is a patented, advanced search engine marketing system designed to optimise your website so it has the power to rank as highly as possible in leading search engines. As consumers now turn to the internet for product information and services, top search engine positions are crucial to ensure your target market can easily find your website in their searches.

Exclusive to W3F, Web Magnet has been designed and developed to provide companies with an effectivesearch engine optimisation(SEO) service, which is a fundamental requirement of a successful online marketing strategy.

Web Magnet will drive high rates of traffic to your website, attract quality, targeted visitors and achieve a high conversion rate. In addition, being found at the top of Google will add credibility and help position your business as the industry leader.

W3F's Web Magnet Potential

W3F's Web Magnet is an advanced SEO system that is based on science, design and technology. Web Magnet is a holistic SEM process that incorporates the basics of SEO, such as coding, linkages, structure, design, content, meta-tagging, title tags, copywriting and more, with pay-per-click campaigns and directory listings.

Web Magnet is an effective solution to your online marketing needs, incorporating all elements necessary to achieve web success via strong target market penetration and high customer conversion.

Your web success will be modeled around the appropriate balance of design, functionality, content, utility and call to action. Our online marketing experts work closely with you to determine the right keyword formula for your Web Magnet and collaborate the sites own listing potential with W3F's network of high performing websites and established search engine credentials.

At W3F we recognise that each client's business and marketing goals are unique and tailor your online marketing strategy to meet your individual needs. W3F's Web Magnet technology has the highest rate of getting our clients' websites ranking in top Google positions for their industry's most competitive search terms.

W3F's Web Magnet is an ongoing process. The dynamic nature of search engines provides both challenges and opportunities for web marketing practitioners. Using metrics and statistical analysis, our SEO experts periodically review the performance of each Web Magnet. The Web Magnet is then adjusted or upgraded accordingly to ensure the continuation of high results.

W3F's unique Web Magnet solution is designed to deliver superior results.

To find out the difference Web Magnet can make to your business call W3F today on 0092 313 601 8787 or contact us.