Web Development

Project Scoping and Design

The success of our clients web models begins with W3F's innovative Project Scoping and Design process. W3F's effective project management strategy incorporates a five stage planning process:

  • Project Analysis
  • Keyword String & Competitor Analysis
  • Sitemap Architecture
  • Visual Concept
  • Proposal
Our unique approach to Project Scoping and Design allows us to make the most appropriate recommendations and determine the most suitable web solution for you and your business.

Project Analysis

Project Analysis is a collaborative effort between you and your expert team of W3F consultants. Working closely with you the client, we help to fully identify your needs. During your scoping meeting, your Project Manager and e-Business Consultant will gain a thorough understanding of your business and how to best support you to reach your marketing and/or organisational goals. These factors, combined with additional research and analysis of your industry and target market, will ensure the most ideal specifications are determined. Image, philosophy, brand and existing visual collateral belonging to your business will all be considered. Finally, your dedicated team will produce a project brief that clearly itemises all requirements necessary for a successful web solution.

Keyword String & Competitor Analysis

W3F will perform a comprehensive keyword string and competitor analysis as it relates to your web solution. We will then provide you with a report which includes recommendations for your web marketing strategy and upcoming investment in search engine optimisation

Sitemap Architecture

A blueprint of the most appropriate technical features for your website will be created. A breakdown of these specifications, key pages and components are expressed in the final proposal as a sitemap. This sitemap will help you to best understand the structure and functionality of your customised web solution.

Visual Concept

Good visual design is a key component of a successful web solution. Users are drawn towards professionally designed and aesthetically pleasing websites. W3F's design team incorporates the most experienced and talented graphic and web designers who take pride in creating a unique design that appeals to your target market. A sample of the visual concept for a prescribed number of your web pages will be provided in your final proposal to illustrate the intended look and feel of your finished website.


W3F will provide you with a proposal encompassing all the requirements necessary for the successful implementation of your project. This proposal will ensure that both parties are aware of what is contractually involved in developing your web model and enable you to make a fully informed decision moving forward.

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